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Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is charged with evaluating all UR students who intend to apply to medical or dental school. Fourteen full-time faculty members comprise the HPAC. The committee is divided into seven interviewing teams, each of which includes two HPAC members along with the Director of Pre-Health Education who chairs the committee. In advance of his/her HPAC interview, each student establishes a credential file with the Office of Career Services that contains a curriculum vitae, transcripts of all college work, responses to HPAC essay questions, and supporting letters of recommendation. These materials, in combination with the interview, serve as the basis for an evaluative committee letter that will be submitted to the medical or dental schools.


Early October:  HPAC / Credential File Workshop

Mid-January: Deadline for receipt of curriculum vitae and responses to HPAC essay questions

Late January: Deadline to sign up for an HPAC interview

Mid-February & Early April: HPAC interviews

April 1: Deadline for receipt of supporting letters of recommendation

June - July: Committee letters are finalized

Establishing an HPAC Credential File

To establish an HPAC credential file, visit the Office of Career Services' credential file Web page.