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Sample Pre-Health Curriculum

Besides a handful of basic science classes and a strong admissions test score, requirements for admission to medical school are not written in stone. Students, regardless of major, may choose to take additional science classes or medical humanities courses, work in a research lab, or participate in a clinical externship.  

In order to prepare for the MCAT, pre-medical students should plan to take the following courses (Richmond equivalents are given parenthetically):

1 year of biology (BIOL 199 or 190 or 192, plus 200)

1 year of inorganic chemistry (CHEM 141 or 191 or 192, plus 317)

1 year of organic chemistry (CHEM 205, 206)

1 year of physics (PHYS 131-132/133/134)

1 semester of biochemistry (CHEM 326)

1 semester of psychology (PSYC 100)

1 semester of sociology (SOC 101)

In addition to the aforementioned courses, students are encouraged to complete coursework in our Healthcare & Society curriculum.